Industry-leading gas turbine exhaust system supplier for power and petrochemical plants.

Gas Turbine technology is a critical part of the puzzle in the energy transition. Gas Turbines stabilize the grid so that fluctuating renewable energy sources like solar and wind can be utilized to their maximum capacity. In addition, Gas Turbines can now work on hydrogen as well.

Aarding technology supports our customers in handling the highly turbulent and high-temperature flows of the Gas Turbine and directs them to a safe location. Designing systems that can handle turbulent flows of up to 730°C requires a unique skill set and, more importantly, experience. We have experience with all downstream exhaust parts, including and after the Gas Turbine. This includes the diffuser duct, diverters, silencer ducts with our patented Flue Gas Silencers, and complete stacks.

We often work with our other CECO brands, like Peerless, to combine their unique emission control technologies with our Industrial Acoustics and Gas Turbine Exhaust equipment in one complete package. Together, we have supplied the world's largest HOT SCR installed system.

The history of Aarding dates back to 1960. Originating from a company that supplied liner systems for HRSG boilers to a company that custom-designs complete Gas Turbine exhaust systems. Our stacks are installed on all six continents and are a central component of Gas Turbines for all leading suppliers. We offer sizes ranging from small 20MW Gas Turbines up to some of the largest Gas Turbines. For the smaller Gas Turbines, Aarding has developed a standard range of simple cycle stacks to provide fast and cost-effective solutions. However, most systems are fully customized to customer-specific requirements that meet the most stringent noise requirements and other local conditions.

Energy efficiency and recycling waste streams in petrochemical plants are high on the agenda of all companies for sustainability practices. Our technology can enable this by directing the Flue gasses from a Gas Turbine to another process to re-use the heat (a form of product recovery) and optimize the plant's energy balance.

Aarding serves Gas Turbine manufacturers (OEMs), boiler suppliers, EPC contractors and end users. Headquartered in the Netherlands, with additional offices in the United States and Singapore, Aarding serves customers in all time zones and locations around the globe. With our innovative solutions, we can support our customers to become more QUIET & CLEAN.

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Noise – The Other Pollution

Aarding brand silencers are best suited to the prevention or reduction of noise from fixed installations, as opposed to mobile (over the road) applications. The source of noise could be from an intake or exhaust of an engine, compressor, blower, vacuum pump, turbine, vent/blowdown, control valve, or relief valve. In many cases, our silencers are used where the process is open to the atmosphere at the silencer outlet, but we have numerous designs that are equally well-suited to in-process (closed) systems.



Power Generation Fossil Fuels
Power Generation - Fossil Fuels

Fossil energy sources, including oil, coal, and natural gas, are non-renewable resources that formed when prehistoric plants and animals died and were gradually buried by layers of rock. Over millions of years, different types of fossil fuels formed -- depending on what combination of organic matter was present, how long it was buried, and what temperature and pressure conditions existed as time passed.

Today, fossil fuel industries drill or mine for these energy sources, burn them to produce electricity or refine them for use as fuel for heating or transportation.

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The Aarding brand is experienced in custom emissions management solutions for natural gas and petrochemical processing plants. Our mission is to deliver clean, safe, and efficient energy technologies.

When designing a solution for our customers we consider every aspect of a project from supply chain, price, and the ability to meet required specifications. It is important to us that implementation logistics, on-site installation, and ongoing maintenance go as smoothly as possible and recognize that the way we design each project has a direct impact on its success.

Our worldwide manufacturing and presence on three different continents enable us to facilitate the specific requirements of each customer whether their priorities be cost, quick delivery time, or a minimal carbon footprint.

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