Dean Pump® Process & High Temperature Metallic Pumps

Dean Pump® is recognized worldwide for high quality metallic pumps that handle a broad range of chemical process and industrial applications. We are particularly recognized for our ability to move high temperature liquids – hot oil/hot water – to 850° F (454° C). Major products and solutions include: chemical process pumps (horizontal ANSI, magnetic-drive, self-priming, and vertical), vertical inline pumps, water pumps, air-cooled high temperature pumps, and heavy-duty process pumps. Inquire about our skid-mounted/packaged solutions.


Fybroc® Corrosion Resistant Fiberglass (FRP) Pumps

Fybroc® offers the world’s most complete line of non-metallic, fiberglass ("FRP") centrifugal pumps for handling corrosives, seawater, solvents, and other difficult liquids. Our Resin-Transfer Molding (RTM) process offers great flexibility in materials selection while the pumps offer many advantages over specialty metal pumps including substantial cost savings (initial upfront costs, life-cycle and energy efficiency considerations, etc.), lighter weight, added reliability, longer service lives, and the shortest lead times in the industry. Major products and solutions include: horizontal ANSI, ISO, magnetic-drive, recessed impeller, self-priming, vertical pumps (cantilever, dry pit, traditional sump, and turbine designs), and non-metallic butterfly valves. Inquire about our skid-mounted/packaged solutions.


Fybroc® Corrosion Resistant Butterfly Valves

As a complement to its complete line of fiberglass (FRP) centrifugal pumps, Fybroc® now offers a new line of non metallic, corrosion resistant butterfly valves for handling corrosives, seawater, solvents and other difficult liquids.


Sethco® Corrosion Resistant Thermoplastic Pumps

Sethco® is a leading manufacturer of corrosion-resistant thermoplastic and stainless steel centrifugal pumps, with flow rates to 250 GPM (58 m3/hr), for filtration, recirculation, and transfer applications. Major products and solutions include: off-the-shelf drum pumps, horizontal end suction, self-priming, and magnetic-drive pumps, vertical cantilever (in-tank and out-of-tank) and sump designs, as well as various filtration media. Inquire about our skid-mounted/packaged solutions.

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