In the gas transmission industry, wherever gas compression facilities are involved, Burgess-Aarding blow-down silencers can be found.

In gas transmission service, multiple noise-producing sources must be treated with silencing solutions to allow for safe and environmentally friendly operations. The sources of noise include venting of high-pressure gas during emergency shutdowns, the intake and exhaust of engines, compressors, turbines, and turbochargers. In addition, valves and controls that experience large pressure drops can create noise at the valves and radiate it along the pipe. These noise sources can be addressed using a proven Burgess-Aarding industrial silencer.

A leader in silencer technology, Burgess-Aarding has over a century of experience providing industrial silencer products. The name Burgess comes from the company name Burgess-Manning, established in 1910. Burgess-Manning developed, tested, and put into operation the first silencer in 1928.

Separately, CECO Environmental acquired a Dutch company, Aarding, in 2013. Aarding had been developing gas turbine exhaust systems as well as silencers as part of their product offering. Later, in 2015, CECO Environmental also acquired Peerless, which had already acquired silencer manufacturing company Burgess-Manning. When Peerless acquired Burgess-Manning, we were able offer both the separation and industrial silencer portfolios. This new addition to the CECO family of brands portfolio would be known as the CECO Burgess-Aarding brand, while the gas turbine exhaust systems portfolio gained through the Aarding acquisition is marketed under the Aarding brand.

Based on our years of experience, we continue to perform research and development to keep improving our industrial silencers which include a solution for any noise source in the Power Energy, Petro Chemical, Aero Engine, and Gas Transmission industries.

Burgess-Aarding has more than 200,000 pieces of equipment installed worldwide. Our engineers and fabrications workers in locations across the Americas, Europe, and Asia ensure the best quality, availability, and cost effectiveness of our products. Burgess-Aarding customers are gas turbine manufacturers (OEMs), boiler suppliers, power producers, EPC contractors, or end users.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, with additional offices in the United States and Singapore, Burgess-Aarding serves customers in all time zones and locations across the globe.

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Noise – The Other Pollution

The source of noise could be from an intake or exhaust of an engine, compressor, blower, vacuum pump, turbine, vent/blowdown, control valve, or relief valve. In many cases, our silencers are used where the process is open to the atmosphere at the silencer outlet, but we have numerous designs that are equally well-suited to in-process (closed) systems.



Midstream OIl and Gas Production

The terms “upstream” and “downstream” in the oil and gas production industry refer to a company's location in the supply chain. Companies in the oil and gas industry are usually divided into one of three groups, upstream, downstream, and midstream.

Some companies are "integrated" because they combine the functions of two or three of these streams. Upstream oil and gas production is conducted by companies who identify, extract, or produce raw materials. Downstream oil and gas production companies are closer to the end-user or consumer. Midstream oil operations link the upstream and downstream entities and mostly include resource transportation and storage services for resources, such as pipelines and gathering systems.

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