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Walnut Shell & Absorption Media Filters

Filtration media is used for the separation and removal of Hydrocarbons and solids from water in a final “polishing” stage of the process. The Walnut shell acts as a fine filter and the shells themselves coalesce the oil droplets within the media allowing greater efficiency in the removal. Absorption media is designed for the removal of total hydrocarbons from water, including amongst many, Phenols, PAH and BTEX. Typically used downstream of a Hydro cyclone, IGF or degasser as a final stage polishing filter to ensure guaranteed oil in water outlet conditions are met.


  • Absorbs 50 to 100% of its own weight.
  • Can absorb up to 10 times more than standard GAC Media.
  • Non-Swelling
  • Media remains free flowing as filters do not become “blocked” even when fully saturated
  • Operating temperature of up to 90⁰ C
  • Optimum operation between pH of 4-11
  • Ideal for offshore where quick cartridge replacement is required