Fybroc<sup>®</sup> Series 7530 Close Coupled Cantilever Sump Pumps

The corrosion resistant Series 7530 pumps are designed for use on shallow recirculation sumps such as those found on liquid scrubbers. Five sizes are available.

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  • Capacities to 600 GPM (140 m3/hr)
  • Heads to 230 feet (75 m)
  • Working temperatures to 250°F (121°C)
  • Working pressures to 150 PSI (1,034 kPa)
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) construction
  • Extended SS motor shafts
  • Settings up to 15 inches (381 mm) available
  • Optional FRP sleeve shaft available
  • Chemical wastes of varying pH
  • Plating wastes
  • Circulation of spent pickling solutions
  • Electrolytes or nickel plating baths
  • Salt water or brine
  • Scrubber/odor control
  • Utility/ coal pile runoff
  • Demineralized/deionized water
  • Marine applications (ie. dewatering and barges/cargo unloading)
  • Other difficult sump pump services
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