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CECO Peerless Deoiling Hydrocyclones were developed for the offshore oil industry in the 1980s and rapidly became established as standard equipment used for recovery of oil from Produced Water streams in both onshore and offshore applications. The deoiling hydrocyclone vessel is designed to reduce the oil content of the incoming produced water prior to entering an optional degasser vessel.  Hydrocyclones are effectively gravity separators that rely on the differential density between the oil droplet and the water to allow separation.



  • Supply of complete skid mounted equipment
  • Focus on performance guarantee, available plot space and ease of maintenance
  • Trouble shooting and Debottlenecking of existing plants
  • CFD modelling and application verification
  • Installation and Supervision Commissioning


Product Benefits 

  • Compact design
  • No moving parts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Outlet oil content reduced to 40ppm in one pass
  • Available in a rage of alloys from Stainless steel to Super Duplex and Inconels
  • Hydrocyclone liners can be plugged or un-plugged to adjust vessel flow capacity to suit field conditions over time


Peerless Deoiling Hydrocyclones

CECO Peerless is a leader worldwide in designing and distributing efficient, high-quality separation and filtration equipment for industries. Our top-of-the-line equipment can be found in oil and gas production, gas pipeline transportation, and power generating facilities worldwide. Peerless filtration equipment has continuously been refined and enhanced by our engineers over a nearly 85-year history.

From start to finish, Peerless Deoiling Hydrocyclones products provide worry-free products and the superior craftsmanship our customers expect. Our technology separates oil from water more efficiently than traditional gas flotation units and is used in water separation and injection processes, refineries, and bilge and ballast water applications.  Our products and solutions also include separation technologies, gas transmission, oil treatment, unconventional oil recovery, gas treatment, produced water and oil- water treatment, sand management, and nuclear power separators. 

Inefficient equipment can leave contaminants behind, resulting in higher operating costs and increased downtime. A system that fails will leave you with an ocean of problems to navigate. With Peerless systems, you will not need advanced helmsmanship. Look to the brand with decades of experience creating and installing high-quality equipment. Trust Peerless. We live up to our name.